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The Truth Matters

Christian Man Develops Different Way To Tell Great Story
   I thought it would be interesting to tell many of the stories from the 4 Gospels in a new and different way. So what you have stumbled upon at this website is my attempt to do just that—an attempt to proclaim the Gospel message as if the reader was reading the greatest story ever told in a newspaper format. I call it the Palestine Progress. Don't ask me why. It sounded good at the time.
   I will use my spiritual liberty to embellish the stories a tad, but never at the sake of compromising the Gospel. I hope to be adding a new story every week but I make no guarantees. The stories may not be in the best chronological order and stories appearing in the same newspaper may not have occurred at the same time. I will do that to establish a Biblical point.
   So click away and enjoy!
News Articles Available
1) Two People Claim Angel Encounter
2) Caesar Declares Census To Be Taken
3) Eastern Astrologers Visit Jerusalem
4) Strange River Man Draws Crowds
What Is Truth?
   I believe that's the same question Pontius Pilate asked Jesus in JOHN 18:38. It's a great question!
   Truth is what is found in the Bible, the Word of God. Please do not read the pages of the Bible expecting it to say what you want it to say. Either you will make the Bible conform to you, or the Bible will make you conform to it. When you begin conforming to the Bible, you have found the truth.
   But let me warn you. The truth will make you angry before it will ever set you free.

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