Bongo Green To Ron Bushy… I’ll Change My Story Later!




Phony or doctored emails and doctored dates as well as on emails showing only one side of a conversation are far from the truth. The money Nancy Bushy claims to have sent me was true due to a family emergency. She conveniently left out that it was an iterim loan. We had just come off tour and I had not yet cashed the check for the band's performance. I had nothing as during the tour my wife left as I had been refusing to leave the band which she thought was waste of time and money. They were repaid and thanked three days after the loan. I am not going to challenge all of the garbage they have posted. 

Their attorney when he posted what he did had not seen the correct USPTO documents before they started their little smear campaign. The did pay to renew the registration for the next ten years and I appreciate it as they paid my fees. Look at the document see the dates and the ownership information and read the letter from my attorney. Contact the USPTO directly or online and look past the first page that shows Ron as the owner, that will change within a few weeks. Check the entire file and see who shows as the CURRENT trademark owner.

I am tired of the lies, the backstabbing from band members, especially from a burn out like Eric Barnett who was running a fake IRON BUTTERFLY band when I hired him. They do not tell you that Nancy and Ron both begged me to stop him from telling people they were the band. I took him with me against Ron and Nancy telling me I should not. Now they all bond and lie as they are petrified that they will lose the income from the band that I created and made possible.

Paul Langan, whom I fired for posting bogus information on our original website is a part of their new group and their webmaster so he loves the mudslinging it will all come down soon as once Nancys attorney sees the documents and explains the facts. Everything in their THE TRUTH MATTERS SITE will become slander and sour grapes.

So, watch for the web site to be shut down AGAIN as well as their face book pages. I offered to settle this thing nicely however Wendy was too busy faking her sympathy for Rons passing to make Nancy feel supported. Ron was not even cold before his LOVING wife ran to Wendy (whom I hired) to make sure "THROUGH HER GRIEF" that she continued to get every penny possible like they did while sitting on their asses doing nothing. For the band members who are gutless and complained about Ron and Nancys commissions constantly over and over are all now buddies. WHY? because they all get to share the extra money available after I quit the band. I also see where they say I did not quit and that I was fired I too, have emails to post showing that is a direct lie. Finally, why do you think they have tried to block me from all of their sites? it is so they can spread their propaganda long enough to make believers while I cannot prove them wrong as I do not have the access. WHAT ARE THEY HIDING? THIS SITE HAD NOTHING LIKE THIS STATEMENT ORIGINALLY. I presented facts, they want to fabricate and sling mud and laughed GOODBYE MIKE GREEN. They stopped me from the truth blocking all of the sites they controlled as they poisoned minds and not allowing me to counter with facts. So believe who you like and for those fans an friends that have always and continue to support me you can see the facts right here. As for Nancy and company, I think it will be goodbye NANCY and your group of lackies.

Thank you for being ethical and taking the time to verify the of facts of this dispute. I always want to maintain a good working relationship with all venues, buyers and agents. However, is this is very important as INFRINGING ON A TRADEMARK, is wrong and subjects those involved to legal action against them. The purpose of this information site is not to threaten any venue, buyer or agent. The purpose is to advise you that you are being mislead by Wendy Klein, Utopia Artists Kelly Miller and Mars Talent Agency. THEY ARE IN NO WAY AUTHORIZED TO OFFER THE SERVICES OF THE BAND, BOOK THE BAND, OR DISCUSS ANY FINANCIAL MATTERS WITH ANY VENUE RELATED TO BOOKING THE BAND. WENDY KLEIN AND KELLY MILLER are knowingly and willfully refusing to honor my trademark ownership. They are subjecting themselves and any venue, buyer, or agent to civil prosecution should they agree to book IRON BUTTERFLY. Michael Green is

THE ONLY party legally able to offer or contract any venue buyer or agents. Anyone entering into contract with these individual is also committing TRADEMARK INFRINGEMENT and is subject to civil prosecution. Although I to left the band over one year ago, that does not affect trademark ownership. The people mentioned above are trying to enrich themselves by maliciously and intentionally misrepresenting that they are the agents for the person holding the trademark. They are afraid that upon my return, will Fire Wendy and the others, find a new agent and they will no longer profit. They have no legal right to profit off of name that I own, without my permission. Although the documents shown on this site clearly show that the trademark was assigned to me in 2014, my lawyers are taking steps to to make sure that the infringing parties will accept my ownership and no longer attempt to use the name IRON BUTTERFLY WITHOUT MY WRITTEN CONSENT. SO AM GIVING THE FOLLOWING NOTICE PER MY ATTORNEY: MICHAEL GREEN IS A VALID OWNER OF THE IRON BUTTERFLY TRADEMARK. ANY PARTY USING THAT NAME FOR ANY PURPOSE COVERED UNDER THE PRODUCTION OF THE TRADEMARK IS A VIOLATION AND IS SUBJECT TO CIVIL PROSECUTION. MICHAEL GREEN WILL RIGOROUSLY PROTECT HIS TRADEMARK FROM INFRINGEMENT. THIS PROTECTION INCLUDES GIVING ANY OFFENDING PARTY WARNING AND NOTICE OF THE INFRINGEMENT VIA A CEASE AND DESIST LETTER. SHOULD THE OFFENDING PARTY REFUSE TO RECOGNIZE TRADEMARK OWNERSHIP AND REFUSE TO CEASE AND DESIST AS REQUESTED THE VIOLATOR WILL BE SUBJECT TO ANY AND ALL LEGAL REMEDIES AFFORDED TO THE TRADEMARK HOLDER MICHAEL GREEN.

Thank you again for taking the time to read the facts. We sincerely hope you will understand the need to protect my interests, respect the trademark ownership and comply by not booking any IRON BUTTERFLY shows not presented to you unless they to are booked directly through myself or my agents as designated in writing. 

Again, I do not want to lose any future relationship with any venue, buyer or agent. I am simply trying to protect my interest and avoid financial losses. Any venue, buyer or agent who has hired IRON BUTTERFLY in the past 5 years will remember that ALL contracts were signed only by myself, and that all payments made for any performances were paid directly to myself. This should also be considered when evaluating the risks involved in wrongly booking the band. 

Thank you and I am looking forward to working with you all directly in the very near future.

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