Listen to the Blah Blah then read below.
Calls the ladies cunts... His Fav Email Slur.
Oughta' go over well with the Jury !
So Wendy, Let's Talk ! No Recording

On Oct 15, 26 AM • Mike Green Wrote

Opportunity To Be Civil With Each Other

On Oct 15, 2021, 9:26 AM • Mike Green Wrote

Opportunity To Be Civil With Each Other

*The Blah-Blah Video above... Just posted on Facebook during the day; That evening, the email below was sent to Wendy against Police Report instructions warning Bongo-Green to cease all communications to all three ladies, Wendy, Kelly & Nancy Bushy. He just can't help himself ! Most Sociopaths can't.

Wendy, In a serious attempt to have a civil conversation, by phone only, NOT email tonight, I am willing to talk with you about this situation. This means YOU and I ONLY on the phone, no others listening in via third party or secretly, no tape recording etc. if you are not willing , that is fine. Just know that this is an honest attempt at communication and not an attempt to be antagonistic. No smart or nasty comments from either of us.

It is totally up to you, my attorney will not be involved in the conversation and no nastiness seriously. You and only no Kelly either and I will trust you that no one else is a party to our conversation. You have my number, please email me the word YES or NO if you are not interested.


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