Bongo Green To Ron Bushy… I’ll Change My Story Later!

On Fri, Sep 20, 2019 at 11:50 AM Mike Green wrote:

I just read your letter and agree with it all except for two points and I will make them short and to the point as well.

1. I owned a home when we originally agreed to this with Karole and I together, I have NEVER been homeless in my life except for the surprise I received from Karole and her taking everything including the money. YES YES YES you helped me with $1K and I never had to ask, you immediately volunteered it, and it absolutely saved me and I was and remain grateful. However you made it sound like I was homeless when we connected or for some period of time, it did not happen like that as I said I was never homeless before ever until she left. 

2. The percentages you are not understanding me. It is FAIR but is not AFFORDABLE we tried it for a long time now and I fought off the guys for years complaining about it because it was the amount we agreed on. However, time has proven it to be unaffordable as I said with 10% to you, and 15% to Wendy, we are down 25% before we even start, then there are the flights, sometimes rooms, ground transportation and back line at times, this wipes us out and can leave you with making more on many shows than the band members who are doing all of the work and travel. You are a fair and honest guy and also the guy who traveled on the road for years and know the rigors involved. You can not possibly believe you should end up with more than someone in the band?

Did you know the very first run we did, we sent you I believe close to $3K or a little more, we ended up with $1,800 each I drove over 2,300 miles in the Sprinter we loaded, unloaded played and drove, we paid the sprinter cost and back line and gas and tolls that was well over $8K. So I know that you can understand losing 25% to start before any expenses are paid is just not affordable with what the band books for. In the event the higher paying shows come it works well like the show recently in Park City Utah.

As for the merch we pay for all of it and the costs to transport it, I have problem with paying you on that but it can not be 10% it just does not balance. The only way it would work is if I bought and sold all the merch myself and made you a straight partner, the guys would flip out not to share in the merch and rightly so especially after paying for it so we need to find a common ground here that we can meet on and hopefully go forward. If not then as stated, we fulfill our obligations book no more shows after those dates and call it a day. We are already finalizing shows for South America for next April we can stop that with no problem. So if there is a way to make this work that is fair for everyone lets go forward, if not let me pay you off in November and we part on good terms. I remain open to any fair and equal suggestions.


On Fri, Sep 20, 2019 at 2:05 PM Ron Bushy wrote: know I put 50 years of my life building the name Iron Butterfly and in writing, recording and touring as Iron Butterfly.

You have put 5 years into this band with many hurdles to overcome. I realize there are no original members left. You've done a remarkable job with the band. 

I believe that 10% is more than fair for my 50 years making the name and owning the Trademark Iron Butterfly. Apparently you and the other guys feel I'm not worth it, because you are doing all the work and touring. Well you are wrong.....we made an agreement over 5 years ago for 15%.......which later I could see that was making things difficult for I said let's drop it to 10%.....and still I'm not getting my share.......not to mention you were homeless and Nancy and I sent you $1000. So you could get back on your feet. We haven't even been paid that back.....also you told me Bush I'll sell Merchandise and you a I will split the profits. That's never happened.

So I guess you want to throw the towel in after November 16th and pay what you owe me.

That's fine with me because it is what it is......I get it.

Ron Bushy
Drummer and owner of 
Iron Butterfly

On Tue, Sep 17, 2019 at 3:59 PM Mike Green wrote:
Subject: Your message on FB
To: Ron Bushy

Wow someone in your house is Dick Tracy Martin put out some of his books I found out for sale I am finding this out when you are NO LANYARDS are sold some girl Martin knows put a picture of this shit together and put it online I did not even know it until you told me. We make NOTHING on Martins book however these were HIS gigs and after the show he did have fans asking for it. As for the shirts YES we sold them and WE PAID for all of them as well. NONE of the band members feel they should share or pay any more money for merch to ANYONE who does not share in the cost. We went through all of this a week ago when Nancy ATTACKED, I AM DONE AS I TOLD YOU BEFORE THE TOUR. I will not be torn apart from band members and you guys. EVERYONE in the band wants a conference call with you as they do not want to pay this RIDICULOUS 10% and I AGREE with them, we BUY everything, we DO everything and WE have revitalized the name of the band. We PAY YOU 10% and Wendy 15% and thats 25% RIGHT OFF THE TOP then WE pay flights as well IT IS NOT WORTH IT and I doubt you will find anyone willing to take this over. We are getting nothing but GREAT reviews the band sounds better than ALMOST every other incarnation of the band and we have all busted our asses. I/we can not and "I" WILL not continue in this.

I told you before we left for Europe we would honor the contracts out through November so no one could sue the band and the name for not showing up and then I was done. I am going to return to the life I lost as a result of LIVING FOR THIS BAND, I may not have my wife back, but I will have my BALLS BACK. I have just dealt with this and let this crap go, pacifying you and its always through Nancy MY agreement was with YOU. 

I am tired of being broke after paying costs, the band and your fees and the band agrees its ridiculous amount. So as I said I will settle everything in full on the 16th of November after our last date, I will tell Wendy and Kelly that I am leaving after that and you and Nancy can appoint anyone you want to take over what "I" have created and what the band has made possible.

I am not fighting arguing or going over this any longer it will be on November 16th including the help you gave me. I will not make any posts or references to the band on Face Book after this message has been sent to you. 

If you want the band to continue without me on the dates scheduled through November, that is fine however, I will still be paid for making it happen with Wendy and bringing it to this point. So in closing my suggestion and my plan is to do exactly as I said play the gigs through November finalize everything with you and be done THE GUYS GET PAID FIRST, we are the people traveling all over doing it all it can not go on at this % to you guys and also I will not be answerable to Nancy any longer if we continue I deal with you only or we just settle and part company on November 16th.

I am done explaining , being given demands and just tired of it in general. We (I ) too have done AMAZING things with a band that has NO ORIGINAL MEMBERS. Everyone said it could not happen, we made it happen but no more being sweated and dealing with third parties, you hold the trademark and I deal with you only from this point on.

If we cancel the November shows YOU risk being sued as YOU OWN THE NAME I suggest we go ahead as I said before Europe, I was not joking or bluffing and not take any more dates and play the ones we are contracted to play. I am truly sorry it has come to this but hopefully if they all keep their word they will tell you the same thing about the fees you are getting and the work we are doing, Ron, its not fair and can not continue yes I did ask to rest and still have not dealing with more upcoming dates people are CALLING ME on and

I need to forward to Wendy, the ball is in your court, lets finalize this without lawsuits and November 16th we part business


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